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Industry: Nuclear Science

Company: ANSTO

Project: Training and Development

"We have used Accord Consulting and Peter Howard for a number of years as our primary skills-based training provider. His training is engaging, fresh, practical, well-structured and varied, meaning high levels of participation and the achievement of strong learning outcomes.  Because of this, Peter consistently achieves very high levels of satisfaction from delegates and we find they often want to book on the other programs that Peter has developed for us"

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Company: Mitsubishi

Project: Executive Development Program

"I discovered a wealth of tools including how to use them at a senior management level. Peter was extremely personable, willing to listen, engaging and knowledgeable, offering insightful & useful advice."

Operations Director

Industry: Health Products

Environment: Call Centre

Project: Sales Training / Sales leadership

"Wow! In just 3 short months we have seen a big improvement in our results. The team leaders are now much more aware of how to get the best from their teams and it's interesting to see a big improvement in morale too. No more sloppy attitudes, very little lateness and a buzz around the floor. The latest figures show a 19% increase in lead conversion so we are delighted. Thank you very much for delivering!"

National Sales Manager

Industry: Adult Education

Company: Large American University

Project: Customer Service Improvement

"Excerpt from letter written to the VP of Human Resources... thank you for arranging the Student Recruitment and Customer Service Call Centre workshop with Peter Howard, I certainly did appreciate the sessions and, having attended, I would encourage all of our staff to participate. I would also encourage our administrators and faculty to observe the instructional methods Peter used as well. They contrast sharply with some I have recently observed in a very positive way. Some of our folks should observe his methods of facilitation (variety, engagement, respect, recognition of contributions, answering questions from participants, clear agenda, clear preparation, breaks, etc.). I have been in adult education for over 30 years and I am greatly impressed with what I saw today."

From the Dean, M.A. PH.D.

Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing

Company: Textron Aerospace

Project: Operational Restructure

"Thank you for your valuable work over the last 12 months. Your help in the change from the standard production line to individual working teams has been invaluable and the results have exceeded our expectations. The Team Acceleration process has created pride, healthy competition and, to my delight, a renewed belief in the company and our future. There are still some areas where additional work will be required however, we're very happy with the overall result of our collaboration with Accord Consulting"

Managing Director

Industry: Telecommunications & Media

Company: British Telecommunications

Project: Sales Automation Roll Out to 2,500 field staff

"Having just been awarded first prize in the European 'Best Use of Automation in Sales' awards we want to thank you for the excellent job you did working with the Implementation team over the last 2 years. Your approach was relevant, innovative, well balanced and effective. You provided a fresh, insightful perspective when things were murky and I'm sure I speak for all of the people involved in the project when I say congratulations are certainly also due to you. The project is a huge success and we thank you for an excellent result - we now have what we wanted!"

Director of Culture and Change
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