Business Intelligence for Leaders

Accord Consulting use a range of effective tools and processes to provide business leaders with vital, cost effective information for planning, forming strategy and decision making.

Our range of tools and methods is comprehensive. We can focus on a specific business area or across an entire organisation, focusing at Organisational and Individual levels. The high quality outputs provide valuable insights into factors that effect productivity, culture, competency and results.

Strategy and Change Management

Many businesses struggle to fully implement major change because of a lack of staff alignment and support, leading to resistance, entrenched behaviours - and ultimately failure.

However, when staff are supportive and aligned with an organisations goals, outstanding results follow.

Accord Consulting have a wealth of experience in effectively implementing Major Change using our Change Alignment Process. We'll partner with your business to identify roadblocks to change and create strategies to resolve them, putting in place the elements needed for the change to succeed... and the skills in your Leaders to maintain it.

Client Testimonial - Manufacturing

Industry: Petrochemical
Company: ICI Divestment - Huntsman Acquistion
Project: Cultural change

I first met your consultant in a business conference and decided to meet up formally to discuss the challenge of cultural change. At this meeting i quickly realised that the experience Accord Consulting have in leading change was valuable and could be applied to our own circumstances. Having now worked with you for 18 months we have a powerfully aligned workforce with strong buy-in to the new way of doing things. The fear for the future has gone, the blame culture is no longer apparent and the overall levels of satisfaction are as high as they have ever been. Most importantly, my leadership team feel equipped to continue with what we have learned over the last few months.

Thank you for what has been a worthwhile investment. I'm sure we will continue to partner with you in the future.

Head of Refinery Operations - Europe

If driving change is something you need to do, please contact us

  1. Agree the Direction
  2. Align the People, Processes, Skills and Structure
  3. Achieve the objective through Transformational Leadership

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Workshop Facilitation

Accord Consulting facilitate workshops, meetings and other events with senior leadership teams and business units to assist in the process of Strategic Planning, Decision Making and implementation of Change Initiatives. As members of the International Association of Facilitators we demonstrate have the experience and skills to facilitate a wide range of meetings or events.

Whether you need support for an important board meeting, a strategy workshop, a focus group or any form of group meeting we will provide the skills, processes, structure and tools to ensure the group has the best possible chance of achieving the desired outcomes.

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Satisfaction and Culture Surveys


A powerful diagnostic that provides accurate Customer Satisfaction data regarding your current performance and standing based on your customer's opinion. Measured using up to 22 customisable factors of your own choosing this tool is designed for both internal or external customers. It has proven to be highly effective in identifying issues that lead to customer attrition or internal divisions and is a powerful way to focus attention on the areas that matter most.

PRISM® provides Quantitative and Qualitative data on IMPORTANCE and SATISFACTION and can be customised and deployed in just 3 days.

VIBE: The Climate Tool

Every Organisation has a unique VIBE or climate, sometimes described as an underlying 'feel' or 'culture'. Around 18% of business results are attributable to climate so it's an incredibly important factor to understand. It can be positive and a reason for successes or it can be negative - the root of many of the challenges a business might be facing.

Fortunately, Climate can be influenced and refined to suit business needs and VIBE® is a multi-layered survey tool that will identify what the current climate is - and how to influence and refine it.

With VIBE, you will be able to identify climate factors and causes right down to Team levels including the actual vs. desired climate. Focused on the following 6 core areas of importance this anonymous survey tool will accurately identify strengths and areas needing attention - by department, workgroup or team.

  • Infrastructure
  • Empowerment
  • Expectations
  • Recognition
  • Perspective
  • Unity

Being aware of climate will enable a business to increase motivation, engagement, performance and staff retention.

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EQ & Personality Profiling

LeaderLink 360®

A Leader's style and approach is the key component in creating Organisational Climate. In fact, around 70% of climate is a direct result of a Leader's or Manager's chosen style and approach.

LeaderLink 360® uses a combined 360° / self-assessment approach to accurately identify a Leader's use the six recognised Leadership Styles. (Hay McBer). It provides meaningful outputs that enable a leader to identify the most effective Leadership approach to use in different situations, therby increasing staff engagement by closing the gap bewteen the current and desired climate.

LeaderLink 360® provides the vital link with Organisational Climate and therefore overall corporate success. It provides an excellent platform for any Leader considering embarking on a coaching or personal development programme.

Emotional Intelligence:

Research has proven that a good Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is crucial for success in the business world. Our Emotional Intelligence is range of in-built and subliminal skills that we all have - and that we all use, whether we realise it or not. In fact, people with well developed EQ are more resilient, better at managing relationships and more effective under pressure than others... and EQ is something we CAN develop significantly.

EQ is about how well we understand our emotions, feelings and likely responses. It's about understanding how we impact others and it's about our ability to read those things in other people too. Those that understand this range of skills have greatly increased control over their emotions and behaviours - and are therefore able to better influence those around them, connecting with people far more effectively to achieve improved synergies and relationships - and achieve better results.

Accord Consulting are accredited to use the Bar-On EQ-i Assessment tool, the worlds leading EQ diagnostic. THe tool will provide detailed analysis of individual and Team EQs and, through 1:1 Coaching we can work with individuals to develop and implement strategies for improvement and success in key areas. The results that individuals experience are nothing short of remarkable. The difference for teams and workgroups is huge.

Personality Profiling:

Many teams or groups of people benefit from knowing that their 'differences' or 'tensions' are not a result of dislike or mistrust. Typically, it is simply differences in approach or style that create the barriers causing teams to be less effective.

Behavioural Profiling is an excellent way to provide individuals and teams with a simple yet incredibly powerful understanding of human behaviour by looking at different personality traits that we all have.

Armed with a clear understanding of themselves and others, individuals that have been exposed to these tools are able to adapt their style to suit the situation they are dealing with. Following exposure to these tools we constantly see rapid and pronounced improvements in team morale, communication and effectiveness.

The concepts are simple to grasp, require no pre-work and can make a difference in a little as half a day. We are able to administer a wide range of Psychometric tools including:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • DISC
  • EQ-i
  • Belbin Team Types
  • SalesPro
  • LeaderLink
  • and others

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PACE Competency & Appraisal

  • Do your Managers struggle at appraisal time?
  • Do you develop and retain your best talent?
  • Do your Managers seek clarity on performance standards?

If you answered YES, to any of the questions above then look at PACE.

The PACE Performance Appraisal and Competency Evaluation system is a leading system used by companies seeking to establish performance standards, measure competencies and develop staff.

  • Customised Competency Dictionary
  • Competency Blends by Role and Position
  • Benchmarked Performance Standards by role
  • Simple, objective Manager Appraisal
  • Performance Gap Reports
  • Developmental Recommendations

Please CONTACT US HERE to receive an overview - or to see PACE in action.

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