In ALL our training solutions we commit to:

  • Training that brings visible, sustained results
  • Training delivered by credible, experienced, world-class facilitators
  • Training using relevant, in-depth, customised materials

Sales and Sales Management


Our programs are divided into the following 3 levels:

Our PREPARED Sales Process is incredibly effective... it's just one of the models we teach for Sales Excellence.

Prepared Process flow

Our award winning 'One Day Series' is focused on specific elements of the overall Sales Role.

Each topic is covered in a single day, using fast-paced, engaging materials:

Sales Management

We provide a comprehensive range of programs for Sales Managers and Leaders.  The Sales Management Masterclass below is designed purely for those in Sales Management roles.

It can be run over 2 or 3 days depending on the topics and depth required by you, our client.

Modules typically include the following:

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Leadership Development

A Leader without followers is simply going for a walk

Leaders have followers because they engage people. They inspire them with compelling visions and encourage them to reach meaningful goals. They hold themselves accountable and as a result are able to provide feedback and direction to their teams, knowing when to step in - and when to step back.

There are a range of effective Leadership styles and the award winning leadership programs below are designed to develop high-calibre leadership skills across the full range, equipping participants to lead like never before.

Coaching and Mentoring

You don't need to be sick to get better...

Everyone has the potential to improve in some way. Working with a professional coach to identify and work on those opportunities is an effective path to growth.

How does it work?

Accord Consulting use qualified coaches and follow a professional process for coaching engagements. We seek clarity with our client regarding desired outcomes prior to commencing a coaching engagement and like to ensure a good match between coach and coachee. With an agreed mandate, clear goals, professional tools (such as EQ-i) and regular, well-structured, coaching sessions, we see significant growth and exciting outcomes being achieved.

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Soft Skills Training

HR Directors tell us that a lack of soft skills is the primary reason for employees failing. Having technical skills will get you hired – but lacking soft skills will get you fired.

Soft skills help us to negotiate effectively or to handle emotionally charged conversations. They enable us to convince colleagues about ideas, to grow our network, to manage conflicting priorities and even to manage ourselves.

To be successful in business everyone needs a wide range of soft skills and our comprehensive training programs are therefore available in the following categories.

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Team Acceleration

A group of people working together aren't necessarily a team... but they CAN become one, and it's frequently important that they do.  Companies with strong teams teams regularly out-perform their competitors in factors such as productivity, staff retention, customer service and quality.  Through out history, strong teams have won against groups of far stronger individuals - because the momentum and energy of a real team is almost impossible to overcome

So why is this?  

It's because high performance teams have an unshakeable belief in what they can do.  They have pride and passion, collaborating, communicating and celebrating together whilst solving problems and implementing innovative solutions without drama.  They also care more, going the extra mile when it's necessary whilst taking joint responsibility for the successes and challenges they face.

It's often assumed that the transformation into a team will simply happen over time, but it rarely does - and time is an expensive commodity to waste 'hoping'.  The reality is that many 'groups' will NEVER actually become a team without a deliberate process to facilitate the change.

Our Team Acceleration process will do what time and hope won't.  Team Acceleration provides a proven, effective process to create a High-Performance Team.

Team Acceleration isn't just another 'Team Building' event using the dated formula of abseiling, making rafts or solving puzzles blindfolded.   It's a well tested and proven process that asks the right questions, provides the right tools, instil the right skills and creates the right culture.  We'll work with the team to help them understand why they exist.

They'll understand their purpose, their goals and their deliverbles.  We'll help them to develop a set of shared values and plan how they need to work together, communicate together and behave together.  We'll walk them through 10 key principles for effective teams and help them to establish practical actions to bring these principles alive including holdeing reach other accountable and managing the team's key external stakeholder relationships.  

Team Acceleration turns groups of people into truly high-performance teams - that overcome obstacles, obliterate targets and outperform others. 

Find out more by downloading the Team Acceleration outline below or contact us using the menu contact function at the top of the page so we can share how Team Acceleration has transformed results for our clients around the world.

Download our Team Acceleration Brochure  

Team Acceleration:  Fast-track your team to success.

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